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Influence of high glucose on mesangial cell-derived exosome composition, secretion and cell communication

Aparecida Boim. Investigation: Antonio da Silva Novaes, Fernanda Teixeira Borges. Methodology: Antonio da Silva Novaes, Marcos Vinicios Salles Dias, Fernanda Teixeira Borges, Edgar Maquigussa, Vanessa Varela

Calcium oxalate crystals and oxalate induce an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in the proximal tubular epithelial cells: Contribution to oxalate kidney injury

Andrade Pessoa Edgar Cruz Maria Aparecida da Gl?ria Nestor Schor Fernanda Teixeira Borges OPEN TGF-?1 is the main mediator of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT). Hyperoxaluria induces crystalluria

Polymyxin B Nephrotoxicity: From Organ to Cell Damage

Pessoa 1 Fernanda Teixeira Borges 1 0 Experimental Laboratory of Animal Models (LEMA), School of Nursing of the University of Sao Paulo , Sao Paulo , Brazil , 2 Nephrology Division, Federal University of