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Unraveling the tripartite interactions among the woolly poplar aphid, its host tree, and their environment: a lead to improve the management of a major tree plantation pest?

Key message For an optimal deployment of poplar resistance to the gall-inducing aphid Phloeomyzus passerinii , a laboratory susceptibility assay has been developed. The nature of aphid–tree interactions during compatible and incompatible situations has been studied in detail. This should help at identifying specific resistance markers and at testing effects of site conditions on...

Stimulation of tree defenses by Ophiostomatoid fungi can explain attack success of bark beetles on conifers

• Our aim is to present why the hypothesis, that Ophiostomatoid fungi play an important role in the establishment of most bark beetle species on living conifers, is valuable.• After summarizing knowledge about the relationships of bark beetles with conifers and fungi, we conclude that controversy results from misinterpretations when using fungal pathogenicity to demonstrate the...