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KLRD1-expressing natural killer cells predict influenza susceptibility

BackgroundInfluenza infects tens of millions of people every year in the USA. Other than notable risk groups, such as children and the elderly, it is difficult to predict what subpopulations are at higher risk of infection. Viral challenge studies, where healthy human volunteers are inoculated with live influenza virus, provide a unique opportunity to study infection...

Interpretation of biological experiments changes with evolution of the Gene Ontology and its annotations

Dominique T. Alessi Varsha Swamy Francesco Vallania Shane Lofgren Winston Haynes Nigam H. Shah Mark A. Musen Purvesh Khatri OPEN Published: xx xx xxxx Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment analysis is ubiquitously

Methods to increase reproducibility in differential gene expression via meta-analysis

Findings from clinical and biological studies are often not reproducible when tested in independent cohorts. Due to the testing of a large number of hypotheses and relatively small sample sizes, results from whole-genome expression studies in particular are often not reproducible. Compared to single-study analysis, gene expression meta-analysis can improve reproducibility by...