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Enhancing the cosmic-ray mass sensitivity of air-shower arrays by combining radio and muon detectors

The muonic and electromagnetic components of air showers are sensitive to the mass of the primary cosmic particle. The sizes of the components can be measured with particle detectors on ground, and the electromagnetic component in addition indirectly via its radio emission in the atmosphere. The electromagnetic particles do not reach the ground for very inclined showers. On the...

Status of air-shower measurements with sparse radio arrays

This proceeding gives a summary of the current status and open questions of the radio technique for cosmic-ray air showers, assuming that the reader is already familiar with the principles. It includes recent results of selected experiments not present at this conference, e.g., LOPES and TREND. Current radio arrays like AERA or Tunka-Rex have demonstrated that areas of several...

Ultimate precision in cosmic-ray radio detection — the SKA

15 Heino Falcke 9 14 Andreas Haungs 8 Clancy W. James 4 Lilian Martin 11 12 Pra- gati Mitra 6 Katharine Mulrey 6 Anna Nelles 5 Benoît Revenu 12 Olaf Scholten 2 3 Frank G. Schröder 8 Steven Tingay 0 1