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New record of Microtus mystacinus in eastern Kazakhstan: phylogeographical considerations

The Eastern European vole (Microtus mystacinus) is an arvicoline rodent distributed across northern and eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, Armenia, NW and N Iran, Russia as far east as the Tobol River in W Siberia, and W and N Kazakhstan. We present a novel records from eastern Kazakhstan (the village of Dzhambul – 49°14'21.3"N, 86°18'29.9"E and the village of Sekisovka – 50°21...

Pre-breeding food restriction promotes the optimization of parental investment in house mice, Mus musculus

Litter size is one of the most reliable state-dependent life-history traits that indicate parental investment in polytocous (litter-bearing) mammals. The tendency to optimize litter size typically increases with decreasing availability of resources during the period of parental investment. To determine whether this tactic is also influenced by resource limitations prior to...