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Partially Walking a Polygon

Technology , Graz , Austria 2 Franz Aurenhammer Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, University of Technology , Graz , Austria Deciding two-guard walkability of an n-sided polygon is a well-understood ... triangles, one triangle per guard step. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Information Processing Letters , 115 ( 1 ): 45 - 51 , 2015 . Franz Aurenhammer , Michael Steinkogler , and Rolf Klein . Maximal two-guard walks in a

Voronoi Diagrams for Parallel Halflines and Line Segments in Space

We consider the Euclidean Voronoi diagram for a set of $n$ parallel halflines in 3-space. A relation of this diagram to planar power diagrams is shown, and is used to analyze its geometric and topological properties. Moreover, an easy-to-implement space sweep algorithm is proposed that computes the Voronoi diagram for parallel halflines at logarithmic cost per face. Previously...

Straight Skeletons and Mitered Offsets of Nonconvex Polytopes

Charge: Kenneth Clarkson Franz Aurenhammer Gernot Walzl 3D straight skeleton; Mitered offset surface; Arrangement of planes 1 Introduction Skeletal structures for geometric objects are an important

Pseudo-Simplicial Complexes from Maximal Locally Convex Functions

Discrete Comput Geom Geometry Discrete & Computational Franz Aurenhammer 0 Hannes Krasser 0 0 Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Graz University of Technology , Graz , Austria We