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Aspirin use and ovarian cancer mortality in a Danish nationwide cohort study

Background:Increasing data suggest that aspirin use may improve cancer survival; however, the evidence is sparse for ovarian cancer.Methods:We examined the association between postdiagnosis use of low-dose aspirin and mortality in a nationwide cohort of women with epithelial ovarian cancer between 2000 and 2012. Information on filled prescriptions of low-dose aspirin, dates and...

Stem Cells Propagate Their DNA by Random Segregation in the Flatworm Macrostomum lignano

Adult stem cells are proposed to have acquired special features to prevent an accumulation of DNA-replication errors. Two such mechanisms, frequently suggested to serve this goal are cellular quiescence, and non-random segregation of DNA strands during stem cell division, a theory designated as the immortal strand hypothesis. To date, it has been difficult to test the in vivo...