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Adubação do milho: VIII - Ensaios com estêrco e adubos minerais

In this paper are reported the results of experiments conducted during several years at three different sites of the State of São Paulo: Campinas, on terra roxa misturada soil; Ribeirão Prêto, on terra roxa legítima soil, and Engenheiro Hermilo, on glacial soil. In the Campinas experiment, beside other treatments, manure at the rate of 12.8 metric tons per hectare was compared...

Híbridos comerciais de milho

In the present bulletin the authors present the details of a 10 year's corn improvement project to produce hybrid varieties, which has been conducted by the Genetics Division of the Instituto Agronômico, Campinas, S. P., Brasil. A general description is given of the basic material which has been used ; the various methods of isolating and selecting pure lines, methods of...