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KIDS SAVE LIVES – Modularer Lehrerausbildungskurs des Deutschen Rates für Wiederbelebung (GRC) für den Schulunterricht in Wiederbelebung

wir dürfen voller Hoffnung sein, dass sich mit diesen Maßnahmen ein großer Sprung nach vorne in der Laienwiederbelebungsbeteiligung erzielen lässt. Notes Interessenkonflikt GRücker, B. Dirks, S


Notfall + Rettungsmedizin June 2016, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 249–249 | Cite as Fieber AuthorsAuthors and affiliations GRücker Einführung zum Thema First Online: 23 May 2016 Fever ... Notes Interessenkonflikt GRücker gibt an, dass kein Interessenkonflikt besteht. Copyright information © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2016 Authors and Affiliations G. Rücker1Email author1

KIDS SAVE LIVES – Schülerausbildung in Wiederbelebung

, BARD. F. Semeraro ist Vorsitzender des Italian Resuscitation Council (IRC). K.-H. Altemeyer, J. Breckwold, U. Kreimeier, G. Rücker und S. Wingen geben an, dass kein Interessenkonflikt besteht

Haploinsufficiency of ETV6 and CDKN1B in patients with acute myeloid leukemia and complex karyotype

Background Acute myeloid leukemia with complex karyotype (CK-AML) is a distinct biological entity associated with a very poor outcome. Since complex karyotypes frequently contain deletions of the chromosomal region 12p13 encompassing the tumor suppressor genes ETV6 and CDKN1B, we aimed to unravel their modes of inactivation in CK-AML. Results To decipher deletions, mutations and...

Altered miRNA and gene expression in acute myeloid leukemia with complex karyotype identify networks of prognostic relevance

Recently, the p53-miR-34a network has been identified to have an important role in tumorigenesis. As in acute myeloid leukemia with complex karyotype (CK-AML) TP53 alterations are the most common known molecular lesion, we further analyzed the p53-miR-34a axis in a large cohort of CK-AML with known TP53 status (TP53altered, n=57; TP53unaltered, n=31; altered indicates loss and/or...

Molecular profiling reveals myeloid leukemia cell lines to be faithful model systems characterized by distinct genomic aberrations

To model and investigate different facets of leukemia pathogenesis, a widely accepted approach is to use immortalized leukemia cell lines. Although these provide powerful tools to our knowledge, few studies have addressed the question whether hematopoietic cell lines represent accurate and reliable model systems. To improve the molecular characterization of these model systems...