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A model of two-velocity particles filtration with variable injection

The filtration problems are actual in the design of underground storage facilities for hazardous waste. When the grout is injected into the porous soil, the fluid penetrates deep into the rock and, when solidified, blocks the pores. A model of suspension flow with 2-size particles moving with different velocities in a porous medium is considered. The proposed model of deep bed...

Calculation of the filtration in a heterogeneous porous medium

The influence of groundwater filtration on soil strength should be taken into account in the design and construction of bases and foundations. The mathematical model of the filtration of a monodisperse suspension in a heterogeneous porous medium is considered, which takes into account the change in porosity and permeability in the formation of a deposit. A numerical solution of...

Modeling of Fine Migration in a Porous Medium

The structure of underground waters and water permeability of rocks must be taken into account when choosing the location of construction objects, the design of tunnels, hydraulic and underground structures. The model of filtration for suspension in solid porous medium during its displacement with clean water is considered. The numerical calculation of boundary of two phases is...