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Many-server scaling of the N-system under FCFS–ALIS

The N-system with independent Poisson arrivals and exponential server-dependent service times under the first come first served and assign to the longest idle server policy has an explicit steady-state distribution. We scale the arrival rate and the number of servers simultaneously, and obtain the fluid and central limit approximation for the steady state. This is the first step...

A product form solution to a system with multi-type jobs and multi-type servers

We consider a memoryless single station service system with servers \(\mathcal{S}=\{m_{1},\ldots,m_{K}\}\), and with job types \(\mathcal{C}=\{a,b,\ldots\}\). Service is skill-based, so that server m i can serve a subset of job types \(\mathcal{C}(m_{i})\). Waiting jobs are served on a first-come-first-served basis, while arriving jobs that find several idle servers are assigned...