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3500 years of shellfish mariculture on the Northwest Coast of North America

, Louie Wilson. Data curation: Nicole F. Smith, Dana Lepofsky, Ginevra Toniello, Christina M. Neudorf. Formal analysis: Nicole F. Smith, Dana Lepofsky, Keith Holmes, Christina M. Neudorf. Funding ... acquisition: Dana Lepofsky. Investigation: Nicole F. Smith, Dana Lepofsky, Ginevra Toniello, Keith Holmes, Louie Wilson, Christina M. Neudorf, Christine Roberts. Methodology: Nicole F. Smith, Dana Lepofsky

Between a rock and a soft place: Using optical ages to date ancient clam gardens on the Pacific Northwest

Rock-walled archaeological features are notoriously hard to date, largely because of the absence of suitable organic material for radiocarbon dating. This study demonstrates the efficacy of dating clam garden wall construction using optical dating, and uses optical ages to determine how sedimentation rates in the intertidal zone are affected by clam garden construction. Clam...