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Ação do oxigenio sob pressão sobre a ação patogenica dos germens anaerobios

1) O² under pressure reduces the infectiosity of anaerobic bacteria. 2) This action of O² is increased with the lengthening of the time of exposure of the bacterial suspensions to the gas. 30 The reduction in infectivity is due to the death of the greater part of the bacteria submitted to the action of the O².

Sobre o isolamento de Salmonellas de gânglios linfáticos de suínos abatidos no matadouro da cidade de Salavador - Bahia

The crural and pré-crural lymph nodes of 3.674 slaughtered pigs at the abattoir of Salvador - Bahia were examined for the presence of Salmonella. Fity hundred and three (503) strains belonging to fity two (52) serotypes were isolated from the pigs in a percentage of 13,69%. The serotypes E1 were most frequently in 48,70%, group E in 27,43% group C1 in 6,16%, group L in 4,97%, C2...