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Mona Lisa, A Deer, That Man, and The Night of an Artificial Satellite by Murano Shirō

Translated from the Japanese with commentary by Goro Takano. ... of your own immense look You cannot look at ours yet Because of your own existence We cannot look at our own landscapes yet Murano Shirō モナリザ Goro Takano A Deer Standing still at the edge of a

Direction, Funeral Train, Pain, and When the World Perishes by Yoshiro Ishihara

Translated from the Japanese with commentary by Goro Takano. ... , it will close completely an unmanned circle and leave your final question to the outside of its range. Goro Takano Funeral Train Nobody remembers The name of the station the train has departed from

An Autumn Torso, A Fish in Adolescence, A Night Canal, and A Small Civilization by Shiro Murano

Translated from Japanese by Goro Takano ... developed its plumpness With a sense of nostalgia The fire of this ruinous autumn Moves from Wax trees to Sumac trees Shiro Murano 秋のトルソ Goro Takano A Fish in Adolescence Until you’re pulled out of the

A Community in the Open, An Autumnal Fossil, On Skeletons, and Orpheus at the Butcher Shop by Shiro Murano

Translated from the Japanese by Goro Takano. ... Commons 0 0 Goro Takano Saga University Faculty of Medicine Follow this and additional works at: - Article 23 Goro Takano A Community in the Open Clusters of