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Management of miscarriage: a randomized controlled trial of expectant management versus surgical evacuation

BACKGROUND: In many countries, surgical uterine evacuation is the standard treatment for women with a miscarriage, but expectant management has been advocated as an alternative. The choice between the two options cannot be based on published evidence alone, because randomized clinical trials are scarce while generalizability of findings to patients with a strong preference for...

Expectant management versus surgical evacuation in first trimester miscarriage: health-related quality of life in randomized and non-randomized patients

BACKGROUND: Expectant management, although less effective, is an alternative treatment option for surgical evacuation in women with a miscarriage. We assessed health-related quality of life (HRQL) differences over time between expectant and surgical management in women with a miscarriage. METHODS: Women with a miscarriage were randomized to either expectant (n = 64) or surgical...

Additive or Sequential Nucleoside Analogue Therapy Compared with Continued Zidovudine Monotherapy in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Patients with Advanced Disease Does Not Prolong Survival: An Observational Study

To study the effect of sequential or additive use of zalcitabine or didanosine on survival in 308 human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients with advanced disease treated with zidovudine, an observational study using time-dependent Cox proportional hazards models was done. Changing to sequential or additive therapy was based on deterioration of a patient's health status, a...