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Method validation for determination of amino acids in feed by UPLC

The paper presents results of validation of an analytical procedure based on ultra-performance liquid chromatography technique (UPLC) for determination of 17 amino acids in different feeds. The following performance characteristics were determined for the investigated feeds: relative standard deviations of repeatability and intermediate precisions ranged from 0.4 % to 4.6 %, and...

Criteria for using proficiency test results for estimation of measurement uncertainty: feed analysis example

On the basis of long-standing proficiency testings (PTs) for the small number of PT participants p (7 ≤ p ≤ 30), laboratory bias and uncertainty were calculated by applying inter-laboratory experimental approaches. Uncertainty was estimated in two ways, according to Eurolab TR No 1/2007 and Nordtest TR 537 (2012). In the case of 24 tested feed components (basic nutrients, macro...

Uncertainty from sample preparation in the laboratory on the example of various feeds

A way of uncertainty calculation from test sample preparation in the laboratory was presented on the example of feeds. The essence of the proposal lies in separating two components of results’ variability expressed as coefficient of variation CV p: analytical variability CV a (repeatability) and technical variability CV h corresponding with the inhomogeneity of a component. The...