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Understanding Therapists’ Needs and Attitudes Towards Robotic Support. The Roboterapia Project

Roboterapia project (http://www, which focuses on developing tools for supporting therapists of autism. Grzegorz Granosik prof., received the MSc and PhD degrees in Automatic Control and

Novel Haptic Device Using Jamming Principle for Providing Kinaesthetic Feedback in Glove-Based Control Interface

Roboterapia project (http://www Grzegorz Granosik, prof., received the M. Sc . and D. Sc . degrees in Control Engineering and Robotics from the Lodz University of Technology in 1994 and 2000

Hypermobile Robots – the Survey

Grzegorz Granosik This article presents a survey on hypermobile robots - a group of articulated mobile robots that typically comprise of several segments with powered wheels, tracks, or legs to

Special Issue on Articulated Mobile Robots (AMR)

readers. With kind regards - Guest Editors, Maciej M. Michaek, Ph.D. Eng. Grzegorz Granosik, Dc.S. Eng. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution