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Fast Approximation and Exact Computation of Negative Curvature Parameters of Graphs

, Kent State University , Kent , USA 2 Aix-Marseille Universite?, CNRS , Universite? de Toulon, LIS, Marseille , France 3 Guillaume Ducoffe National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics

How long does it take for all users in a social network to choose their communitiesl

Institute of the University of Bucharest , Bucures?ti , Roma?nia 1 Universite? Co?te d'Azur , Inria , France 2 Dorian Mazauric 3 Universite? Co?te d'Azur , CNRS, Inria, I3S , France 4 Guillaume Ducoffe 5

The Use of a Pruned Modular Decomposition for Maximum Matching Algorithms on Some Graph Classes

for Research and Development in Informatics , Bucharest , Romania 1 Guillaume Ducoffe ICI - National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, Bucharest, Romania The Research Institute of

The b-Matching Problem in Distance-Hereditary Graphs and Beyond

We make progress on the fine-grained complexity of Maximum-Cardinality Matching on graphs of bounded clique-width. Quasi linear-time algorithms for this problem have been recently proposed for the important subclasses of bounded-treewidth graphs (Fomin et al., SODA'17) and graphs of bounded modular-width (Coudert et al., SODA'18). We present such algorithm for bounded split-width...