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Mitochondrial Mutations in Cholestatic Liver Disease with Biliary Atresia

Biliary atresia (BA) results in severe bile blockage and is caused by the absence of extrahepatic ducts. Even after successful hepatic portoenterostomy, a considerable number of patients are likely to show progressive deterioration in liver function. Recent studies show that mutations in protein-coding mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) genes and/or mitochondrial genes in nuclear DNA...

High quality draft genome sequence of the type strain of Pseudomonas lutea OK2T, a phosphate-solubilizing rhizospheric bacterium

Kwak et al. Standards in Genomic Sciences High quality draft genome sequence of the T type strain of Pseudomonas lutea OK2 , a phosphate-solubilizing rhizospheric bacterium Yunyoung Kwak 0 Gun-Seok ... Park 0 Jae-Ho Shin 0 0 School of Applied Biosciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Kyungpook National University , Daegu 702-701 , Republic of Korea Pseudomonas lutea OK2T (=LMG 21974T

Complete genome analysis of Serratia marcescens RSC-14: A plant growth-promoting bacterium that alleviates cadmium stress in host plants

Serratia marcescens RSC-14 is a Gram-negative bacterium that was previously isolated from the surface-sterilized roots of the Cd-hyperaccumulator Solanum nigrum. The strain stimulates plant growth and alleviates Cd stress in host plants. To investigate the genetic basis for these traits, the complete genome of RSC-14 was obtained by single-molecule real-time sequencing. The...

The First Chloroplast Genome Sequence of Boswellia sacra, a Resin-Producing Plant in Oman

Boswellia sacra (Burseraceae), a keystone endemic species, is famous for the production of fragrant oleo-gum resin. However, the genetic make-up especially the genomic information about chloroplast is still unknown. Here, we described for the first time the chloroplast (cp) genome of B. sacra. The complete cp sequence revealed a circular genome of 160,543 bp size with 37.61% GC...

Genome sequence of a native-feather degrading extremely thermophilic Eubacterium, Fervidobacterium islandicum AW-1

Fervidobacterium islandicum AW-1 (KCTC 4680) is an extremely thermophilic anaerobe isolated from a hot spring in Indonesia. This bacterium could degrade native chicken feathers completely at 70 °C within 48 h, which is of potential importance on the basis of relevant environmental and agricultural issues in bioremediation and development of eco-friendly bioprocesses for the...