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Accred Qual Assur H. Emons 0 Hendrik Emons Editor-in-Chief 0 0 Geel , Belgium - There are easier tasks in life than saying ‘good bye’ to something which you like and consider as important. However

Feasibility study of a candidate reference material for ions in PM2.5: does commutability matter also for inorganic matrices?

particles deposited on filters . Anal Bioanal Chem . 2015 ; 407 : 3035 - 43 . 10. Zeisler R . Reference materials for small-sample analysis . Fresenius J Anal Chem . 1998 ; 360 : 376 - 9 . 11. Vesper H ... , Emons H , Gnezda M , Jain CP , Miller WG , Rej R , et al. Characterization and qualification of commutable reference materials for laboratory medicine; approved guideline . Wayne: CLSI . CLSI document

Looking for guidance

H. Emons 0 0 H. Emons (&) Geel , Belgium - How to design, perform and evaluate measurements and their quality assurance for obtaining reliable results which are fit for purpose? This question comes

Celebrating anniversaries

H. Emons 0 0 H. Emons (&) Geel, Belgium - There are different habits in defining special anniversaries. Nowadays many organisations seem to follow a 5-year celebration cycle which demonstrates the

Method validation

H. Emons 0 0 H. Emons (&) Geel, Belgium - Measurement methods are newly developed and evaluated for different purposes. The aim may be to create a new or alternative research tool for studying a

Meeting quality

H. Emons 0 0 H. Emons (&) Geel, Belgium - Many scientific meetings are taking place all over the world each year. A number of them include presentations about the quality of measurements and its

Emerging measurements

H. Emons 0 0 H. Emons (&) Geel, Belgium - There are already many challenges in providing reliable results for established measurement tasks such as pesticide control in foodstuff or monitoring of

Fashion or modern?

H. Emons - within generally executed mechanisms for research funding and selection procedures for career advancements. The additional characteristics of fashion, namely shortterm appearance and

What to measure?

H. Emons 0 0 H. Emons (&) Geel, Belgium - Quality assurance for measurements in chemistry and the biosciences seems to deal at a first look with questions such as Did we determine the amount of the