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A large deviations principle for infinite-server queues in a random environment

This paper studies an infinite-server queue in a random environment, meaning that the arrival rate, the service requirements, and the server work rate are modulated by a general càdlàg stochastic background process. To prove a large deviations principle, the concept of attainable parameters is introduced. Scaling both the arrival rates and the background process, a large...

Seasonal variation in mineralization rates (C-N-P-Si) of mussel Mytilus edulis biodeposits

5, 4401 NT Yerseke, The Netherlands 1 H. M. Jansen (&) . Strand Institute of Marine Research (IMR) , Nordnesgaten 50, 5817 Bergen, Norway 2 Communicated by M. Huettel 3 H. M. Jansen M. C. J. Verdegem

Initial wavefunction dependence on atom interferometry phases

In this paper we present a mathematical procedure to analytically calculate the output signal of a pulsed atom interferometer in an inertial field. Using the well-known ABCDξ method we take into account the full wave dynamics of the atoms with a first order treatment of the wavefront distortion by the laser pulses. Using a numerical example we study the effect of both the length...

High miR-26a and low CDC2 levels associate with decreased EZH2 expression and with favorable outcome on tamoxifen in metastatic breast cancer

M. P. H. M. Jansen (&) E. A. Reijm A. M. Sieuwerts K. Ruigrok-Ritstier M. P. Look F. G. Rodrguez-Gonzalez A. A. J. Heine J. W. Martens S. Sleijfer J. A. Foekens E. M. J. J. Berns Department of Medical ... genes differentially expressed between tumors with high and low levels of miR-26a and E. A. Reijm and M. P. H. M. Jansen contributed equally. - The anti-estrogen tamoxifen has been used for more than

Re: Limits of Predictive Models Using Microarray Data for Breast Cancer Clinical Treatment Outcome

assay or at least an assay that has been proven to be equivalent be used. MAURICE P. H. M. JANSEN JOHN A. FOEKENS JAN G. M. KLIJN ELS M. J. J. BERNS REFERENCES (1) Ma XJ, Wang Z, Ryan PD, Isakoff SJ

Abnormal Radiological Findings and a Decreased Carbon Monoxide Transfer Factor Can Persist Long after the Acute Phase of Legionella pneumophila Pneumonia

Pulmonary abnormalities may persist long after the acute phase of legionnaires disease (LD). In a cohort of 122 survivors of an outbreak of LD, 57% were still experiencing an increased number of symptoms associated with dyspnea at a mean of 16 months after recovery from acute-phase LD. For 86 of these patients, additional evaluation involving high-resolution computed tomography...