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A robust estimator of parameters for \( {\mathcal{G}}_I^0 \) -modeled SAR imagery based on random weighting method

statistical signal analysis. Hai-Xia Xu received the B.S. and PhD degrees in Computer Application Technology from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China. Currently, she is an associate professor ... -Xia Xu 0 1 0 Tianjin Key Laboratory of Intelligence Computing and Novel Software Technology, Tianjin University of Technology , Tianjin 300384 , China 1 Key Laboratory of Computer Vision and System

Extraordinary Transmission of Three-Dimensional Crescent-like Holes Arrays

We developed a method to fabricate a periodic array of three-dimensional crescent-like holes (3DCLH) via an inverted hemispherical colloidal lithography. It is found that there exists an extraordinary optical transmission in this non-planar perforated periodic array of 3DCLH when the electric field of the incident light is perpendicular to the cross-line of the crescent-like hole...