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Bacterial degradation of anthraquinone dyes

Anthraquinone dyes, which contain anthraquinone chromophore groups, are the second largest class of dyes after azo dyes and are used extensively in textile industries. The majority of these dyes are resistant to degradation because of their complex and stable structures; consequently, a large number of anthraquinone dyes find their way into the environment causing serious...

New feature of low \(p_{T}\) charm quark hadronization in pp collisions at \(\sqrt{s}=7\) TeV

Treating the light-flavor constituent quarks and antiquarks whose momentum information is extracted from the data of soft light-flavor hadrons in pp collisions at \(\sqrt{s}=7\) TeV as the underlying source of chromatically neutralizing the charm quarks of low transverse momenta (\(p_{T}\)), we show that the experimental data of \(p_{T}\) spectra of single-charm hadrons \(D^{0...

Microstructure and properties of TP2 copper tube with La microalloying by horizontal continuous casting

The TP2 copper tube was prepared with La microalloying by horizontal continuous casting (HCC). The absorptivity of La and its effects on microstructure, tensile and corrosion properties of HCC TP2 copper tube were studied by means of the inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES), optical microscope (OM), scanning electron microscope (SEM) and...

Discovering novel 3-nitroquinolines as a new class of anticancer agents

performed research; Hai-hong LI analyzed data; He HUANG wrote the paper. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 David WF. Inhibition of the epidermal growth factor receptor family of tyrosine kinases as an approach to cancer

Design, synthesis, antitumor evaluations and molecular modeling studies of novel 3,5-substituted indolin-2-one derivatives

Aim:To design and synthesize a novel class of antitumor agents, featuring the 3, 5-substituted indolin-2-one framework.Methods:Based on enzyme binding features of (Z)-SU5402, introducing a β-pyrrole group at the 3-position of the indolin-2-one core, a series of novel 3,5-substituted indolin-2-ones were designed and synthesized. Four human carcinoma cell lines of A-431, A-549, MDA...