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Newton’s Rainbow: The Revolutionary Discoveries of a Young Scientist

Newton's Rainbow: The R of a Young Scientist Haley Cook Haley Cook 0 0 Thi s Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the All Journals at BYU ScholarsArchive. It has been accepted

The Nightmare Club #2: Mirrored

In this continuation of the Nightmare Club, Annie Graves and the rest of the members meet to listen to the scariest stories imaginable. This story is told by Karen, about her friend Abbey. Karen and Abbey used to be friends, but Karen noticed that Abbey became mean and uninterested in their friendship. Karen explains that Abbey met a girl in her bedroom mirror, named Bee, who...

Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers

:// BYU ScholarsArchive Citation - Article 23 Author Dav Pilkey Illustrator Reviewer Haley Cook Rating Outstanding Level Primary, Intermediate Publisher Scholastic ISBN 9780545175364

Monster Hunters: Hunt the Ozark Howler

Gabe Brown and his friends work as the camera crew for Gabe's older brother Ben’s internet show. They investigate accounts of cryptids, mythical creatures whose existence has not been proven. These boys travel around following leads, investigating the reality of these animals. Ben’s camera crew was recently hired by a competitor, Ace Rollin. Ace makes money by exaggerating...

Sally Sore Loser: A Story About Winning and Losing

BYU ScholarsArchive Citation - Article 76 Author Frank J. Sileo Illustrator Cary Pillo Reviewer Haley Cook Rating Excellent Level Preschool, Primary Pages 32 Year 2012 Publisher

Just Like Us! Ants

Ants are more like us than we sometimes imagine. They work together as a community, each with their own role, to survive. They have occupations, including farmers, babysitters, leaders, trash collectors, and foragers. They care for their young and keep them well fed, hoping they will grow up strong in order for ant community to expand. They have defense mechanisms in place to...

Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Bicycle Bandit

Jigsaw Jones has a new mystery to solve. Ralphie cannot find Old Rusty, his beat-up, hand-me-down bike. While looking at books in the library, it was taken from the bike rack. It’s up to Jigsaw to piece together the clues and find the bike. All Jigsaw knows is that his own bike, a nice new one, was not stolen, even though their bikes were locked up with the same lock. There were...

Role Overload and Prescription Stimulant Use among College Students

STUDENTS HALEY COOK, BUTLER UNIVERSITY MENTOR: KATHERINE NOVAK Previous research has found that prescription stimulant use on college campuses has increased in recent years although estimates of the actual