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Modeling human early otic sensory cell development with induced pluripotent stem cells

language editing service. Formal analysis: Hanae Lahlou, Alejandra Lopez-Juarez, Arnaud Fontbonne, Emmanuel Author Contributions Conceptualization: Azel Zine. Nivet, Azel Zine. Funding acquisition: Azel ... Zine. Investigation: Hanae Lahlou, Azel Zine. Project administration: Azel Zine. Supervision: Azel Zine. Methodology: Hanae Lahlou, Alejandra Lopez-Juarez, Arnaud Fontbonne, Azel Zine. Visualization

From Blood to Lesioned Brain: An In Vitro Study on Migration Mechanisms of Human Nasal Olfactory Stem Cells

Lahlou,1 Françoise Jabes,2 Yves Molino,2 Delphine Stephan,1 Kevin Baranger,1 Maya Belghazi,3 Arnaud Deveze,4,5 Michel Khrestchatisky,1 Emmanuel Nivet,1 François S. Roman,1 and François Féron1,6 1Aix