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The change in lifestyle data during 9 years: the reliability and continuity of baseline health practices

ObjectivesTo reveal change patterns in self-reported lifestyle data for 9 years, and examine the characteristics of changes by type of lifestyle and ageing.MethodsThe authors used the lifestyle data of 7,080 male workers aged 20–59 who received checkups for 9 years. The proportions of change patterns during the 9 years were determined in seven health practices; smoking, eating...

Long-term effects of lifestyle on multiple risk factors in male workers

Objectives To examine the long-term effects of lifestyle on the recovery from risk factors of cardiovascular disease and to discuss the difference in the effects of lifestyle modification in subjects with a single risk factor and those with multiple risk factors. Methods We used checkup data compiled for 6477 male workers, aged 20–59 years in 1995, with risk factors of...