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Influence of Formulation on Mobility of Clomazone in Soil

The mobility of clomazone [2-(2-chlorobenzylo)-4,4-dimetylo-1,2-oxazolidin-3-one] in a loamy sand soil and a sand soil was studied in a soil column under laboratory conditions. Commercial clomazone formulation (Command 480 EC) and clomazone immobilized in an alginate matrix were used for a leaching experiment. For both formulations, the same dose of 2.0 mg of the active substance...

Removal of Phosphate from Aqueous Solution Using Alginate/Iron (III) Chloride Capsules: a Laboratory Study

Binding phosphate at participation of alginate/FeCl3 capsules was studied with laboratory experiments. The hydrogel microcapsules were obtained with the dropping-in method, by gelation of sodium alginate water solution by iron (III) chloride solution. Phosphate adsorption characteristics were studied in a static batch system with respect to changes in contact time, initial...