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Peak urea level, leukocyte count and use of invasive ventilation as risk factors of mortality in acute pancreatitis: A retrospective study

-Nan Liu, Si Chen. Funding acquisition: Jing Zhou. Investigation: Chao-Nan Liu, Si Chen, Hao Chen, Chang-Wei Chen. Software: Chao-Nan Liu, Si Chen. 1. Beckingham IJ , Bornman PC . ABC of diseases of

A new hierarchical software architecture towards safety-critical aspects of a drone system

A new hierarchical software architecture is proposed to improve the safety and reliability of a safety-critical drone system from the perspective of its source code. The proposed architecture uses formal verification methods to ensure that the implementation of each module satisfies its expected design specification, so that it prevents a drone from crashing due to unexpected...

Accurate Method for Picking Up the First Arrival Time of Microseismic Signals Based on Entropy Theory

The entropy method describes the change in the signal state from a macroscopic angle and weakens the interference generated by random noise. From the angle of chaos, which describes the first arrival of microseismic signals, it predicts the trend of noise entropy based on the grey theory. The results indicate that the entropy method is sensitive to amplitude, frequency, and...

Georeferencing places from collective human descriptions using place graphs

Place descriptions in everyday communication or in online text provide a rich source of spatial knowledge about places. Such descriptions typically consist of references to places and spatial relationships between them. An important step to utilize such knowledge in information systems is georeferencing the referred places. Beside place name disambiguation, another challenge is...

Phylogeny and taxonomy of three new Ctenomyces (Arthrodermataceae, Onygenales) species from China

Twelve Ctenomyces (Arthrodermataceae, Onygenales) strains were obtained and identified during a survey of keratinophilic fungi in soils from China. We used molecular identification combined with morphological evidence to delimit species, circumscribing five species in the genus. Three new species are herein described: C. albus sp. nov., C. obovatus sp. nov. and C. peltricolor sp...

Housing Sulfur in Polymer Composite Frameworks for Li–S Batteries

Extensive efforts have been devoted to the design of micro-, nano-, and/or molecular structures of sulfur hosts to address the challenges of lithium–sulfur (Li–S) batteries, yet comparatively little research has been carried out on the binders in Li–S batteries. Herein, we systematically review the polymer composite frameworks that confine the sulfur within the sulfur electrode...

Fine mapping of a panicle blast resistance gene Pb-bd1 in Japonica landrace Bodao and its application in rice breeding

BackgroundRice blast caused by Magnaporthe oryzae is the most devastating disease in rice production. Compared with seedling blast, panicle blast is considered to be more destructive, which can occur without being preceded by severe seedling blast. However, panicle blast resistance research is rarely reported.ResultsBodao, a japonica landrace from Taihu Lake region, showed a high...

Automated segmentation of trabecular and cortical bone from proton density weighted MRI of the knee

Patient-specific implant design and pre- and intra-operative planning is becoming increasingly important in the orthopaedic field. For clinical feasibility of these techniques, fast and accurate segmentation of bone structures from MRI is essential. However, manual segmentation is time intensive and subject to inter- and intra-observer variation. The challenge in developing...

Microbial community composition and diversity in the Indian Ocean deep sea REY-rich muds

, Qingdao , China 3 Editor: Tzen-Yuh Chiang, National Cheng Kung University , TAIWAN 4 Basic Research Program of China (2015CB755906, Hao Chen), NSFC-Shandong Joint Fund for Marine Science Research Centers ... distributed in seafloor, the formation mechanism of these deposits in deep-water is still an unknown scientific issue up to now. Technology Grant number No.2016ASKJ14 awarded to Hao Chen. Microbes are

Morphometric analysis of sinkholes using a semi-automatic approach in Zhijin County, China

Efficient detection and analysis of natural sinkholes is essential for human sustainability in karst area. In this work, two methodologies were applied to detect and quantify natural sinkholes in southwest China, using of DEMs derived from ASTER and SRTM remote sensing images and topographic maps. The methodologies were a semi-automatic approach and a field-based approach. The...

A New Fault Diagnosis Method of Rotating Machinery

Shock and Vibration A new fault diagnosis method of rotating machinery Chih-Hao Chen 0 Rong-Juin Shyu 0 Chih-Kao Ma 1 0 Department of System Engineering and Naval Architecture, National Taiwan Ocean ... effective in fault diagnosis of rotating machinery [ 3?7 ]. Wavelet packets transform is a time-frequency method, ?Corresponding author: Chih-Hao Chen, Department of System Engineering and Naval

Protective effects of hypercapnic acidosis on Ischemia–reperfusion-induced retinal injury

, Ching-Long Chen, Chang-Min Liang. Methodology: Ming-Cheng Tai, Yi-Hao Chen, Chang-Min Liang. Project administration: Le-Tien Lin, Jiann-Torng Chen, Chang-Min Liang. Resources: Ming-Cheng Tai, Yi-Hao Chen

Exact and Heuristic Methods for Observing Task-Oriented Satellite Cluster Agent Team Formation

Technology, Changsha 410073, China Correspondence should be addressed to Hao Chen; nc.ude.tdun@nehch Received 20 May 2018; Revised 29 June 2018; Accepted 15 July 2018; Published 6 August 2018 Academic ... Editor: Piotr Jędrzejowicz Copyright © 2018 Hao Chen et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and

Four QTL clusters containing major and stable QTLs for saturated fatty acid contents in a dense genetic map of cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

desired components of saturated fatty acids. KeywordsPeanut Fatty acid Genetic map QTL analysis  Nian Liu and Hao Chen contributed equally to this work. Electronic supplementary material The online

The Extended Finite Element Method for Dynamic Fractures

A method for modelling arbitrary growth of dynamic cracks without remeshing is presented. The method is based on a local partition of unity. It is combined with level sets, so that the discontinuities can be represented entirely in terms of nodal data. This leads to a simple method with clean data structures that can easily be incorporated in general purpose software. Results for...

A New Fault Diagnosis Method of Rotating Machinery

Shock and Vibration A new fault diagnosis method of rotating machinery Chih-Hao Chen 0 Rong-Juin Shyu 0 Chih-Kao Ma 1 0 Department of System Engineering and Naval Architecture, National Taiwan Ocean ... effective in fault diagnosis of rotating machinery [ 3?7 ]. Wavelet packets transform is a time-frequency method, ?Corresponding author: Chih-Hao Chen, Department of System Engineering and Naval

IoT in Radiology: Using Raspberry Pi to Automatically Log Telephone Calls in the Reading Room

The work environment for medical imaging such as distractions, ergonomics, distance, temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions generates a paucity of data and is difficult to analyze. The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) with decreasing cost of single-board computers like Raspberry Pi makes creating customized hardware to collect data from the clinical environment...

An actin-binding protein ESPN is an independent prognosticator and regulates cell growth for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

ESPN (Espin), an actin filament-binding protein, plays an important role in regulating the organization, dimensions, dynamics, and signaling capacities of the actin filament-rich, microvillus-type specializations that mediate sensory transduction in various mechanosensory and chemosensory cells. Recent few studies show that ESPN regulates metastasis and cell proliferation in...

Further Results on Reachable Set Bounding for Discrete-Time System with Time-Varying Delay and Bounded Disturbance Inputs

This paper investigates the problem of reachable set bounding for discrete-time system with time-varying delay and bounded disturbance inputs. Together with a new Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, discrete Wirtinger-based inequality, and reciprocally convex approach, sufficient conditions are derived to find an ellipsoid to bound the reachable sets of discrete-time delayed system...