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Concurrent query processing in a GPU-based database system

Li. Data curation: Hao Li. Formal analysis: Hao Li, Yi-Cheng Tu. Funding acquisition: Yi-Cheng Tu. Investigation: Hao Li. Methodology: Hao Li, Yi-Cheng Tu, Bo Zeng. Project administration: Hao Li ... . Resources: Hao Li. 23 / 26 Software: Hao Li. Supervision: Yi-Cheng Tu. Validation: Hao Li. Writing ? original draft: Hao Li. Writing ? review & editing: Hao Li, Yi-Cheng Tu, Bo Zeng. 24 / 26 25 / 26 Arbel

The Trimming-Based Design Method for PWR Coolant Flow Distribution Device

In order to resolve the situations of nonuniform coolant flow distribution and insufficient vortex suppression, the existing Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) usually adopts complex coolant mixing structures. However, those structures will greatly increase the complexity and maintenance cost of the system. To solve this problem, a trimming-based design method is proposed in this...

The Expression Patterns and Associated Clinical Parameters of Human Endogenous Retrovirus-H Long Terminal Repeat-Associating Protein 2 and Transmembrane and Immunoglobulin Domain Containing 2 in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Yao Xiao,1 Hao Li,1 Lei-Lei Yang,1 Liang Mao,1 Cong-Cong Wu,1 Wen-Feng Zhang,2 and Zhi-Jun Sun1,2 1The State Key Laboratory Breeding Base of Basic Science of Stomatology (Hubei-MOST

Atomic Layer Deposition of Buffer Layers for the Growth of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays

Vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays (VACNTs) show a great potential for various applications, such as thermal interface materials (TIMs). Besides the thermally oxidized SiO2, atomic layer deposition (ALD) was also used to synthesize oxide buffer layers before the deposition of the catalyst, such as Al2O3, TiO2, and ZnO. The growth of VACNTs was found to be largely dependent...

Solving the real eigenvalues of hermitian quadratic eigenvalue problems via bisection

. Handling Editor: James G. Nagy. †LMAM & School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China (, ). This research was supported by NSFC under Grant No. 11301013. 722 Hao Li and Yunfeng ... (1.1) can be transformed into the following Generalized Eigenvalue Problem (GEP): (2.1) where (2.2) Au = λBu, 724 Hao Li and Yunfeng Cai The eigen-information of HQEP (1.1) can be obtained from that of

Modeling and scenario prediction of a natural gas demand system based on a system dynamics method

Based on the study of the relationship between structure and feedback of China’s natural gas demand system, this paper establishes a system dynamics model. In order to simulate the total demand and consumption structure of natural gas in China, we set up seven scenarios by changing some of the parameters of the model. The results showed that the total demand of natural gas would...

Key elements involved in Epstein–Barr virus-associated gastric cancer and their network regulation

The molecular mechanism of Epstein–Barr virus (EBV)-associated gastric cancer (EBVaGC) remains elusive. A collection of molecular regulators including transcription factor and noncoding RNA (ncRNAs) may affect the carcinogenesis of EBVaGC by regulating the expression and function of key genes. In this study, integration of multi-level expression data and bioinformatics approach...

Ferulic acid and PDMS modified medical carbon materials for artificial joint prosthesis

Wang, Yeyang Xu. Formal analysis: Xianlei Gao. Funding acquisition: Hao Li, Xin Pan. Investigation: Hao Li, Hua Zhao, Xin Pan. Methodology: Songgang Wang, Hao Li, Hua Zhao. Project administration

Achromatic linear polarization rotators by tandem twisted nematic liquid crystal cells

An achromatic linear polarization rotator based on a tandem-2ϕ-twisted nematic liquid crystal cell (tandem-2ϕ-TNLC cell, where 2ϕ represents the total twisted angle) is theoretically analyzed and experimentally demonstrated. The tandem-2ϕ-TNLC cell comprises two conventional ϕ-TNLC cells with the required arrangement that the LC director close to the last layer of the first...

Magnetic polymeric nanoassemblies for magnetic resonance imaging-combined cancer theranostics

Magnetic polymeric nanoassemblies for magnetic resonance imaging-combined cancer theranostics Shenglong Gan,1,2,* Yisheng Lin,3,* Yancong Feng,1,2 Lingling Shui,1,2 Hao Li,1,2 Guofu Zhou1,2

Discovery of circa 115,000-year-old bone retouchers at Lingjing, Henan, China

Mallye, and Jean-Philippe Faivre for discussions on Middle Palaeolithic bone retouchers. Conceptualization: Luc Doyon, Francesco d'Errico. Data curation: Zhanyang Li, Hao Li. Formal analysis: Luc Doyon ... , Francesco d'Errico. Funding acquisition: Luc Doyon, Zhanyang Li, Hao Li, Francesco d'Errico. Investigation: Luc Doyon, Zhanyang Li, Hao Li, Francesco d'Errico. Methodology: Luc Doyon, Francesco d'Errico

Co-stimulation of LPAR1 and S1PR1/3 increases the transplantation efficacy of human mesenchymal stem cells in drug-induced and alcoholic liver diseases

BackgroundOne of the major obstacles facing stem cell therapy is the limited number of functional stem cells available after transplantation due to the harsh microenvironment surrounding the damaged tissue. The aim of this study was to delineate the mechanistic involvement of lysophosphatidic acid receptors (LPARs) and sphingosine-1-phosphate receptors (S1PRs) in the regulation...

Effect of Allicin against Ischemia/Hypoxia-Induced H9c2 Myoblast Apoptosis via eNOS/NO Pathway-Mediated Antioxidant Activity

Allicin (2-propene-1-sulfinothioic acid S-2-propenyl ester, diallyl thiosulfinate) is the main biologically active ingredient in garlic. The present study investigated the protective effect of allicin against cardiomyocyte apoptosis that was induced by ischemia in vitro and the potential molecular mechanisms that were involved in this antiapoptotic effect. The results indicated...

Effect of Allicin against Ischemia/Hypoxia-Induced H9c2 Myoblast Apoptosis via eNOS/NO Pathway-Mediated Antioxidant Activity

, Baoding, Hebei, China Correspondence should be addressed to Yikui Li; moc.361@116kyl and Hao Li; moc.621@5691oahilphyx Received 25 October 2017; Revised 28 February 2018; Accepted 11 March 2018; Published

IPTV program recommendation based on combination strategies

As a new interactive service technology, IPTV has been extensively studying in the field of TV pro-gram recommendation, but the sparse of the user-program rating matrix and the cold-start problem is a bottleneck that the program recommended accurately. In this paper, a flexible combination of two recommendation strategies proposed, which explored the sparse and cold-start problem...

Correction: Rural Household Preferences for Active Participation in "Payment for Ecosystem Service" Programs: A Case in the Miyun Reservoir Catchment, China

, Beijing Forestry University , Beijing , China There is an error in affiliation 1 for authors Hao Li and Kebin Zhang. Affiliation 1 should be: OPEN ACCESS for Active Participation in "Payment for Ecosystem

Aerodynamic research of a racing car based on wind tunnel test and computational fluid dynamics

Wind tunnel test and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation are two main methods for the study of automotive aerodynamics. CFD simulation software solves the results in calculation by using the basic theory of aerodynamic. Calculation will inevitably lead to bias, and the wind tunnel test can effectively simulate the real driving condition, which is the most effective...

Pathway Interaction Network Analysis Identifies Dysregulated Pathways in Human Monocytes Infected by Listeria monocytogenes

In our study, we aimed to extract dysregulated pathways in human monocytes infected by Listeria monocytogenes (LM) based on pathway interaction network (PIN) which presented the functional dependency between pathways. After genes were aligned to the pathways, principal component analysis (PCA) was used to calculate the pathway activity for each pathway, followed by detecting seed...

Structural insights into the substrate binding adaptability and specificity of human O-GlcNAcase

the Jiang laboratory for critical reading of the manuscript. This research was supported by University of Wisconsin-Madison startup funds. Author information Author notes Baobin Li and Hao Li ... contributed equally to this work. AffiliationsPharmaceutical Sciences Division, School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, 53705, USABaobin Li, Hao Li, Chia-Wei Hu & Jiaoyang Jiang

Clinical significance of Fusobacterium nucleatum, epithelial–mesenchymal transition, and cancer stem cell markers in stage III/IV colorectal cancer patients

Clinical significance of Fusobacterium nucleatum, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, and cancer stem cell markers in stage III/IV colorectal cancer patients Xuebing Yan,1,* Liguo Liu,2,* Hao Li,1