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Socioeconomic differences in healthy and disease-free life expectancy between ages 50 and 75: a multi-cohort study

There are striking socioeconomic differences in life expectancy, but less is known about inequalities in healthy life expectancy and disease-free life expectancy. We estimated socioeconomic differences in health expectancies in four studies in England, Finland, France and Sweden.

Local area unemployment, individual health and workforce exit: ONS Longitudinal Study

Background: In many developed countries, associations have been documented between higher levels of area unemployment and workforce exit, mainly for disability pension receipt. Health of individuals is assumed to be the primary driver of this relationship, but no study has examined whether health explains or modifies this relationship.  Methods: We used data from 98 756 Office...

Economic difficulties and physical functioning in Finnish and British employees: contribution of social and behavioural factors

Background: Childhood and current economic difficulties are associated with physical health. However, evidence concerning the factors underlying these associations is sparse. This study examines the contribution of a range of social and behavioural factors to associations between economic difficulties and physical functioning. Methods: We used comparable data on middle-aged white...

Alternative Healthy Eating Index and mortality over 18 y of follow-up: results from the Whitehall II cohort

Background: Indexes of diet quality have been shown to be associated with decreased risk of mortality in several countries. It remains unclear if the Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI), designed to provide dietary guidelines to combat major chronic diseases, is related to mortality risk.

Hypertension Is Not the Link Between Job Strain and Coronary Heart Disease in the Whitehall II Study

Hypertension is assumed to be one of the mechanisms through which job strain (a combination of high work demands and low job control) increases coronary heart-disease risk. However, direct tests of this hypothesis are lacking.

A comparison of socio-economic differences in long-term sickness absence in a Japanese cohort and a British cohort of employed men

Objectives: To compare the magnitude of socio-economic differences in sickness absence rates between a Japanese cohort and a British cohort. To assess the effects of self-rated health and behavioural risk factors on sickness absence in the two cohorts, and whether they explain socio-economic differences in sickness absence within and between cohorts. Methods: An 8 year follow up...