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Gel-eletroforese no diagnóstico da varíola

The test of gel-electrophoresis applied to the pox virus group showed to be at least thirth times (30X) more sensitive than agar-gel test on the described conditions (Table I). Twelve specimens, which were positives form Smallpox in the conventional tests of egg inoculation and agar-gel difusion test, have been screened in their original dilutions frozen for more than 1 year and...

Ilheus Virus Isolation in the Pantanal, West-Central Brazil

for granting access for mosquito collections. We thank Kristy Burkalther, Jason Velez, Janae Stovall and Karen Burroughs from CDC provided laboratory assistance. In the memory of Hermann G. Schatzmayr

Risk factors for hepatitis B virus infection in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Background Despite international efforts to prevent hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection through global vaccination programs, new cases are still being reported throughout the world. Methods To supply data that might assist in improving preventive measures and national surveillance for HBV infection, a cross-sectional study was conducted among individuals referred to the Brazilian...

Virological study of a dengue type 1 epidemic at Rio de Janeiro

A dengue outbreak started in March, 1986 in Rio de Janeiro and spread very rapidly to other parts of the country. The great majority of cases presented classical dengue fever but there was one fatal case, confirmed by virus isolation. Dengue type 1 strains were isolated from patients and vectors (Aedes aegypti) in the area by cultivation in A. albopictus C6/36 cell line. The...

Levantamento epidemiológico e virológico de casos suspeitos de poliomielite no Hospital Estadual Jesus, no período de janeiro de 1967 a março de 1968

The authors present results obtained by the inoculation in tissue culture of material frorn rectal swabs of susyected paralitic Polio cases, at the Hospital Jesus, at Rio de Janeiro. Among 188 swabs that have been examinated, Poliovírus could be demonstrated in 79 cases (73,5% were positive for type I, 25,3% for type II and 1,2% for type III). An increase of paralitic Polio cases...