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Introduction of fish and other foods during infancy and risk of asthma in the All Babies In Southeast Sweden cohort study

Confidence interval mTORC1 Mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 OR odds ratio Communicated by Mario Bianchetti Hilde K. Brekke and Johnny Ludvigsson acted as equivalent senior authors

Food intake and gestational weight gain in Swedish women

Background The objective of this study was to investigate if food intake (dairy, snacks, caloric beverages, bread, cheese, margarine/butter, potato/rice/pasta/grains, red meat, fish and fruit/berries/vegetables) is associated with gestational weight gain (GWG) in Swedish women. Methods Four day food records from 95 pregnant Swedish women were collected in the last trimester. GWG...

Cost-utility analysis of a randomized controlled weight loss trial among lactating overweight/obese women

Background Overweight and obesity among young, adult women are increasing problems in Sweden as in many other countries. The postpartum period may be a good opportunity to improve eating habits and lose weight in a sustainable manner. The aim was to make a cost-utility analysis of a dietary behavior modification treatment alongside usual care, compared to usual care alone, among...

Fat intake and breast milk fatty acid composition in farming and nonfarming women and allergy development in the offspring

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Diet and Exercise Interventions among Overweight and Obese Lactating Women: Randomized Trial of Effects on Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Objective To examine the effects of Diet (D) and Exercise (E) interventions on cardiovascular fitness, waist circumference, blood lipids, glucose metabolism, inflammation markers, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and blood pressure in overweight and obese lactating women. Methods At 10–14 wk postpartum, 68 Swedish women with a self-reported pre-pregnancy BMI of 25–35 kg/m2...

Metabolic Risk Profile among Overweight and Obese Lactating Women in Sweden

Background Obesity and cardiovascular diseases are increasing globally and any association between reproduction and these conditions is of concern. Unfortunately, little is known about normal levels of metabolic risk factors in women of different body mass index throughout the reproductive cycle. This study is one of the first to describe the metabolic risk profile of lactating...