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Subacute Urinary Retention due to a Subpubic Cartilaginous Cyst Treated with Surgical Resection and Internal Fixation: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

A subpubic cartilaginous cyst is a rare mass lesion derived from the pubic symphysis, which can cause acute or subacute urinary retention. We report a case of a subpubic cartilaginous cyst in a 62-year-old woman that caused lower abdominal pain and subacute urinary retention, requiring surgical resection. On physical examination, a hard, flexible, nontender mass, 4 cm in diameter...

Use of Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL®) for a postoperative patient with cerebral palsy: a case report

participated in its coordination; YM analyzed the data and drafted the manuscript. YS2, RT, KY, KT, KM and MM2 were involved in patient examination. HK1 corresponding to Hiroshi Kamada, HK2 corresponding to

Identification and characterization of carrot HAP factors that form a complex with the embryo-specific transcription factor C-LEC1

C-LEC1, an orthologue of Arabidopsis LEC1, is thought to be an essential transcriptional activator required for normal development during the early and late phases of embryogenesis. C-LEC1 is similar in sequence to the HAP3 subunits of other organisms. To understand C-LEC1 function better, a cDNA library of carrot somatic embryos was screened for factors that form complexes with...

Establishment of a reproducible tissue culture system for the induction of Arabidopsis somatic embryos

Miho Ikeda-Iwai 0 Shinobu Satoh 0 Hiroshi Kamada 0 0 Gene Research Center, Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Tsukuba , Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8572, Japan Somatic embryogenesis is an

Quantitative correlation between the concentration of photoreactive phytochrome and light-induced formation of adventitious shoots in horse-radish hairy roots

; phytochrome - 2 1 , Satoru Tokutomi , Hiroshi Harada and Hiroshi Kamada 1 Tsutomu Saitou 1 Introduction Light serves as an environmental signal, as well as a source of energy, and it regulates various

A trans‐zeatin riboside in root xylem sap negatively regulates adventitious root formation on cucumber hypocotyls

Shoot cultures of cucumber were used to analyse the roles of root‐derived substances in adventitious root formation on hypocotyl tissues. Xylem sap collected from the roots of squash had a strong inhibitory effect on the formation of hypocotyl adventitious roots. Double‐solvent extraction followed by fractionation with both normal and reverse phase column chromatographies and...

Phytosulphokine-α, a peptidyl plant growth factor, stimulates somatic embryogenesis in carrot

Phytosulphokine-α (PSK-α) is the first chemically characterized peptide that acts as a plant growth factor. It stimulates the proliferation of asparagus and rice cells, but no information is yet available on its effects on plant morphogenesis. The effects of PSK-α on somatic embryogenesis in carrot (Daucus carota L.) were examined. PSK-α, when added to the induction medium for...