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Analyses of single nucleotide polymorphisms identified by ddRAD-seq reveal genetic structure of tea germplasm and Japanese landraces for tea breeding

( for editing drafts of this manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Hiroto Yamashita, Akio Morita, Takashi Ikka. Data curation: Hiroto Yamashita, Lina Kawaguchi, Atsushi J. Nagano ... , Takashi Ikka. Formal analysis: Hiroto Yamashita, Lina Kawaguchi, Atsushi J. Nagano, Takashi Ikka. Funding acquisition: Akio Morita, Takashi Ikka. Investigation: Hiroto Yamashita, Hideyuki Katai, Yoriyuki

Quantitative validation of nicotine production in tea (Camellia sinensis L.)

Ikka, Akio Morita. Investigation: Takashi Ikka, Hiroto Yamashita, Ikuya Kurita, Yasuno Tanaka, Akio Morita. Methodology: Kazuya Takeda, Nobuhiro Horie, Hiroshi Hojo, Fumio Nanjo. Project administration

Management of ureteral stenting for postrenal failure during pregnancy after ureteral reimplantation: a case report

Background Vesicoureteral reflux is thought to predispose to urinary tract infection and renal scarring, and ureteral reimplantation in childhood remains the gold standard for its treatment. It has been reported that the risk of postrenal failure during pregnancy is increased among women with Politano-Leadbetter ureteral reimplantation. In previous case reports on patients with...

Modified Radical Neck Dissection Is Better Than Partial Dissection of Lymph Nodes

Shiro Noguchi 0 Hiroto Yamashita 0 Shinya Uchino 0 0 S. Noguchi (&) H. Yamashita S. Uchino Noguchi Thyroid Clinic & Hospital Foundation , 6-33 Noguchi-Nakamachi, Beppu, Oita 874-0932, Japan

Papillary Microcarcinoma

BackgroundPapillary microcarcinoma (PMC) is increasing in incidence because of diagnosis by ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration cytology.MethodsBetween January 1966 and December 1995, we treated 6019 patients with papillary cancer; among them, 2070 patients with PMC were studied.ResultsPMC is essentially very similar to papillary cancer that is 11 mm or larger and has a very...