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Visibility Enhancement by Integrating Refocusing and Direct-Global Separation with Contact Imaging

Contact imaging is a compact lensless microscopy technique that allows observation of living cells placed directly on a charge-coupled device sensor. However, captured images exhibit low visibility in general. This work is aimed at integrating computational refocusing and high-frequency illumination into contact imaging to enhance the visibility of the captured images. Refocusing...

Acquiring non-parametric scattering phase function from a single image

. Hiroyuki Kubo has been an assistant professor at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan, since 2014. His research interests include computer graphics and computer animation. He received his

Relay Ability Estimation and Topology Control Using Multidimensional Context Parameters for Mobile P2P Multicast

Multicast Hiroyuki Kubo 0 Ryoichi Shinkuma 0 Tatsuro Takahashi 0 Sergio Palazzo 0 Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University , Kyoto 606-8501 , Japan We focus on mobile P2P multicast, in which mobile