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Development of a Voltage Compensation Type Active SFCL and Its Application for Transient Performance Enhancement of a PMSG-Based Wind Turbine System

Considering the rapid development of high temperature superconducting (HTS) materials, superconducting power applications have attracted more and more attention in the power industry, particularly for electrical systems including renewable energy. This paper conducts experimental tests on a voltage compensation type active superconducting fault current limiter (SFCL) prototype...

Conceptual design of a high-speed electromagnetic switch for a modified flux-coupling-type SFCL and its application in renewable energy system

The modified flux-coupling-type superconducting fault current (SFCL) is a high-efficient electrical auxiliary device, whose basic function is to suppress the short-circuit current by controlling the magnetic path through a high-speed switch. In this paper, the high-speed switch is based on electromagnetic repulsion mechanism, and its conceptual design is carried out to promote...

Improving grain yield and reducing N loss using polymer-coated urea in southeast China

The efficiency of classical mineral NPK fertilizers is usually low because a major part of these fertilizers does not reach plant roots and ends up polluting groundwaters with nitrates and phosphates. Recently, a novel polymer-coated urea made from recycled plastics was proposed to enhance N availability in cereal production. To evaluate the efficiency of this polymer for rice...