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Independent association between subjective cognitive decline and frailty in the elderly

suggestions that greatly improved the quality and clarity of this paper. 9 / 12 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Tsung-Jen Hsieh, Chih-Cheng Hsu. Data curation: Hsing-Yi Chang, I-Chien Wu, Chu-Chih ... : Hsing-Yi Chang, I-Chien Wu, Chu-Chih Chen, Hui-Ju Tsai, Yen-Feng Chiu, Shu-Chun Chuang, Chao A. Hsiung, Chih-Cheng Hsu. Visualization: Hsing-Yi Chang, I-Chien Wu, Chu-Chih Chen, Hui-Ju Tsai, Yen-Feng

Migraine and risk of narcolepsy in children: A nationwide longitudinal study

Funds, Japan. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Chun-Pai Yang. Data curation: Jen-Huai Chiang, Hsing-Yi Chang. Formal analysis: Jen-Huai Chiang, Vivian Chia-Rong Hsieh. Investigation: Jen-Huai ... Chiang, Hsing-Yi Chang. Methodology: Meng-Lun Hsieh, Vivian Chia-Rong Hsieh. Supervision: Chun-Pai Yang, Vivian Chia-Rong Hsieh. Writing ± original draft: Chun-Pai Yang, Meng-Lun Hsieh, Vivian Chia-Rong

Developmental Patterns of Cognitive Function and Associated Factors among the Elderly in Taiwan

Previous research has discussed the factors associated with cognitive impairment, but the patterns of its development have been little described. Our aim was to examine long-term development of cognitive function and the related factors using longitudinal follow-up data. A group-based trajectory model and multinomial logistic regression were applied to identify trajectories and...

Morbid obesity in Taiwan: Prevalence, trends, associated social demographics, and lifestyle factors

Objective Obesity is one of the most important public health issues worldwide. Moreover, an extreme phenotype, morbid obesity (MO) has insidiously become a global problem. Therefore, we aimed to document the prevalence trend and to unveil the epidemiological characteristics of MO in Taiwan. Methods Nationally representative samples aged 19 years and above from three consecutive...

Time trend of prevalence of self-reported cataract and its association with prolonged sitting in Taiwan from 2001 and 2013

Background Prolong sitting has been found associated with metabolic disorders. Little is known about the self-reported cataract status in general population of Taiwan, not to mention its relation to prolong sitting. We aimed to examine the prevalence of cataract between 2001 and 2013 in Taiwan and to the association between prolonged sitting and cataract. Methods We used three...

The excess mortality risk of diabetes associated with functional decline in older adults: Results from a 7-year follow-up of a nationwide cohort in Taiwan

Chang Yea-Ing L Shyu 0 Department of Health Care Management, Chang Gung University , 259 Wen- Hwa 1st Road, Kwei-Shan, Tao-Yuan 333 , Taiwan Background: Diabetes is associated with an increased risk of

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke and Risk of Tuberculosis: Prospective Cohort Study

Background Prospective evidence on the association between secondhand-smoke exposure and tuberculosis is limited. Methods We included 23,827 never smokers from two rounds (2001 and 2005) of Taiwan National Health Interview Survey. Information on exposure to secondhand smoke at home as well as other sociodemographic and behavioral factors was collected through in-person interview...

The Risk of Tuberculosis Disease Among Persons With Diabetes Mellitus: A Prospective Cohort Study

Background. Evidence suggests a causal link between diabetes mellitus and tuberculosis risk. However, to date, few studies have used a prospective design to estimate the impact of diabetes on tuberculosis in a general population. In this study, we prospectively investigated the risk of tuberculosis among persons with diabetes stratified by severity. Methods. A cohort study was...

Joint predictability of health related quality of life and leisure time physical activity on mortality risk in people with diabetes

Chia-Lin Li Hsing-Yi Chang 0 Chih-Cheng Hsu 0 Jui-fen Rachel Lu Hsin-Ling Fang 0 0 Division of Preventive Medicine and Health Service Research, Institute of Population Health Sciences, National

Influence of stressors and possible pathways of onset of seventh graders’ suicidal ideation in urban and rural areas in Taiwan

-Chen Wu 0 Dai-Chan Lin Baai-Shyun Hurng Hsing-Yi Chang 0 0 Institute of Population Health Sciences, National Health Research Institutes , No.35, Keyan Rd., Zhunan Township, Miaoli County 350 , Taiwan

Increased risk of affective disorders in type 2 diabetes is minimized by sulfonylurea and metformin combination: a population-based cohort study

Background To confirm whether type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is an affective disorder (AD) precursor, and to establish possible effects of oral anti-hyperglycemic agents (OAAs). Methods A representative cohort of 800,000 subjects was obtained from the Taiwanese National Health Insurance database on 1 January 2000. Those with consistent data (n = 762,753) were followed up between 1...

Age- and gender-specific population attributable risks of metabolic disorders on all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in Taiwan

Background The extent of attributable risks of metabolic syndrome (MetS) and its components on mortality remains unclear, especially with respect to age and gender. We aimed to assess the age- and gender-specific population attributable risks (PARs) for cardiovascular disease (CVD)-related mortality and all-cause mortality for public health planning. Methods A total of 2,092 men...

The incidence of experimental smoking in school children: an 8-year follow-up of the child and adolescent behaviors in long-term evolution (CABLE) study

Chang et al. BMC Public Health The Incidence of Experimental Smoking in School Children: An 8-year Follow-up of the Child and Adolescent Behaviors in Long-term Evolution (CABLE) Study Hsing-Yi Chang

A population study on the association between leisure time physical activity and self-rated health among diabetics in Taiwan

Background There is strong evidence for the beneficial effects of physical activity in diabetes. There has been little research demonstrating a dose-response relationship between physical activity and self-rated health in diabetics. The aim of this study was to explore the dose-response association between leisure time physical activity and self-rated health among diabetics in...

Association between Dietary Fiber Intake and Physical Performance in Older Adults: A Nationwide Study in Taiwan

follows: Drs. Chao-Agnes Hsiung, Chih-Cheng Hsu, I-Chien Wu, Hsing-Yi Chang, Chu-Chih Chen, Yen-Feng Chiu, Hui-Ju Tsai, and Ken N. Kuo, of National Heath Research Institutes; Dr. Ching-Yu Chen of National

Changes in health risk behaviors of elementary school students in northern Taiwan from 2001 to 2003: results from the child and adolescent behaviors in long-term evolution study

Background Previous research has indicated that children's behaviors have long-term effects on later life. Hence it is important to monitor the development of health risk behaviors in childhood. This study examined the changes in health risk behaviors in fourth- to sixth-grade students in northern Taiwan from 2001 to 2003. Methods The Child and Adolescent Behaviors in Long-Term...

Record linkage research and informed consent: who consents?

Background Linking computerized health insurance records with routinely collected survey data is becoming increasingly popular in health services research. However, if consent is not universal, the requirement of written informed consent may introduce a number of research biases. The participants of a national health survey in Taiwan were asked to have their questionnaire results...

Poverty Increases Type 2 Diabetes Incidence and Inequality of Care Despite Universal Health Coverage


Factors associated with amalgam restorations in Taiwan

Objective: This study investigated the prevalence of and factors associated with amalgam restorations of posterior teeth in Taiwan.Method: The authors analyzed the dental data regarding direct restorations of posterior teeth from the National Health Insurance Research Database of 1997, which was the first nationwide data available. The chi-square test and analysis of variance was...

Association Between Insulin Resistance and Development of Microalbuminuria in Type 2 Diabetes: A prospective cohort study

OBJECTIVE An association between insulin resistance and microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetes has often been found in cross-sectional studies. We aimed to reassess this relationship in a prospective Taiwanese cohort of type 2 diabetic subjects.