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Genomics of neonatal sepsis: has-miR-150 targeting BCL11B functions in disease progression

Neonatal sepsis is an inflammatory systemic syndrome, which is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in premature infants. We analyzed the expression profile data of E-MTAB-4785 to reveal the pathogenesis of the disease. The expression profile dataset E-MTAB-4785, which contained 17 sepsis samples and 19 normal samples, was obtained from the ArrayExpress database. The...

Morphological Examination and Phylogenetic Analyses of Phycopeltis spp. (Trentepohliales, Ulvophyceae) from Tropical China

During an investigation of Trentepohliales (Ulvophyceae) from tropical areas in China, four species of the genus Phycopeltis were identified: Phycopeltis aurea, P. epiphyton, P. flabellata and P. prostrata. The morphological characteristics of both young and adult thalli were observed and compared. Three species (P. flabellata, P. aurea and P. epiphyton) shared a symmetrical...

Application effect of extensively hydrolyzed milk protein formula and follow-up in preterm children with a gestational age of less than 34 weeks: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

controlled trial Li-Ping Yin 0 Li-Juan Qian 0 Huan Zhu Yan Chen Han Li Ji-Nan Han Li-Xing Qiao 0 Equal contributors Department of Paediatrics, Zhongda Hospital Southeast University , 87 Dingjiaqiao, Nanjing

A Problem Concerning Yamabe-Type Operators of Negative Admissible Metrics

Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230026, China Received 14 February 2012; Accepted 29 February 2012 Academic Editor: Yonghong Yao Copyright © 2012 Jin Liang and Huan ... Zhu. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work

On a Nonlinear Integral Equation with Contractive Perturbation

Huan Zhu 0 Jin Liang 0 Department of Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China , Hefei, Anhui 230026 , China We get an existence result for solutions to a nonlinear integral

Massive Trentepohlia-Bloom in a Glacier Valley of Mt. Gongga, China, and a New Variety of Trentepohlia (Chlorophyta)

Trentepohlia is a genus of subaerial green algae which is widespread in tropical, subtropical, and also temperate regions with humid climates. For many years, small-scale Trentepohlia coverage had been found on the rocks of some glacier valleys on the northern slopes of Mt. Gongga, China. However, since 2005, in the Yajiageng river valley, most of the rocks are covered with deep...

A Nonlocal Cauchy Problem for Fractional Integrodifferential Equations

This paper is concerned with a nonlocal Cauchy problem for fractional integrodifferential equations in a separable Banach space X. We establish an existence theorem for mild solutions to the nonlocal Cauchy problem, by virtue of measure of noncompactness and the fixed point theorem for condensing maps. As an application, the existence of the mild solution to a nonlocal Cauchy...

Systematics of a Kleptoplastidal Dinoflagellate, Gymnodinium eucyaneum Hu (Dinophyceae), and Its Cryptomonad Endosymbiont

New specimens of the kleptoplastidal dinoflagellate Gymnodinium eucyaneum Hu were collected in China. We investigated the systematics of the dinoflagellate and the origin of its endosymbiont based on light morphology and phylogenetic analyses using multiple DNA sequences. Cells were dorsoventrally flattened with a sharply acute hypocone and a hemispherical epicone. The confusion...

Quantifying Quality of Life and Disability of Patients with Advanced Schistosomiasis Japonica

Background The Chinese government lists advanced schistosomiasis as a leading healthcare priority due to its serious health and economic impacts, yet it has not been included in the estimates of schistosomiasis burden in the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study. Therefore, the quality of life and disability weight (DW) for the advanced cases of schistosomiasis japonica have to be...