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Salvianolic acid A attenuates vascular remodeling in a pulmonary arterial hypertension rat model

Aim:The current therapeutic approaches have a limited effect on the dysregulated pulmonary vascular remodeling, which is characteristic of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). In this study we examined whether salvianolic acid A (SAA) extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine 'Dan Shen' attenuated vascular remodeling in a PAH rat model, and elucidated the underlying...

Metabolic and pharmacokinetic studies of scutellarin in rat plasma, urine, and feces

in enzyme activity. Author contribution Jian-feng XING and Ya-lin DONG designed the study, performed the research and wrote the paper. Hai-sheng YOU, Jun LU, Si-ying CHEN, Hui-fang ZHU, Qian DONG ... , the First Affiliated Hospital, Medical College, Xi-an Jiaotong University, Xi-an 710061, ChinaHai-sheng You, Ya-lin Dong, Jun Lu, Si-ying Chen, Hui-fang Zhu, Qian Dong, Mao-yi Wang & Wei-hua Dong

Addictive evaluation of cholic acid-verticinone ester, a potential cough therapeutic agent with agonist action of opioid receptor

designed research; Hui WANG and Chang CHEN performed research; Hui-fang PI, Han-li RUAN, Peng ZHANG and Ji-zhou WU contributed analytical tools and analytical support; Jiu-liang ZHANG wrote the paper ... Laboratory of Natural Medicinal Chemistry and Resource Evaluation, Tongji School of Pharmacy, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430030, ChinaJiu-liang Zhang, Hui Wang, Chang Chen, Hui-fang

Quantitative determination of acetylshikonin in macaque monkey blood by LC-ESI-MS/MS after precolumn derivatization with 2-mercaptoethanol and its application in pharmacokinetic study

-xiao SUN, Zhi-yun MENG, and Gui-fang DOU designed research; Dong-xiao SUN and Hui-fang TIAN performed research; Alicia DU, Zhuo-na WU contributed new analytical tools and reagents; Dong-xiao SUN, Zhiyun

Synthesis and antitussive evaluation of verticinone-cholic acid salt, a novel and potential cough therapeutic agent

Aim:To seek a novel and potent antitussive drug based on Shedan—Chuanbei powder, a complex of traditional Chinese medicine preparation for cough therapy.Methods:Verticinone—cholic acid (Ver—CA) salt, a novel, salifying derivative of verticinone and cholic acid, both of which are the major bioactive components in Shedan—Chuanbei powder, was synthesized. We then evaluated the...