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Establishment of persistent infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus in BHK-21 cells

Background Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) is able to cause persistent infection in ruminants besides acute infection and disease. Since the mechanisms of viral persistence and the determining factors are still unknown, in vitro systems help explore and reveal mechanisms of persistence in vivo by providing useful models for the study of RNA genome mutations and evolution...

The infectivity and pathogenicity of a foot-and-mouth disease virus persistent infection strain from oesophageal-pharyngeal fluid of a Chinese cattle in 2010

Background Foot-and mouth disease (FMD) is an acute, febrile, and contagious vesicular disease affecting cloven-hoofed animals. Some animals may become persistent infected carriers when they contact FMD virus (FMDV), and persistent infected animals are a dangerous factor to cause FMD outbreak. Findings 300 OP (oesophageal-pharyngeal) fluid samples were collected from cattle...

Current antibody-based immunoassay algorithm failed to confirm three late-stage AIDS cases in China: case report

2000 , 60 : 43 - 47 . 5. Li Yan , Xu Hui-fang, Han Zhi-gang, Gao Kai, Liang Cai-yun: Sequence analysis of the C2 - V3 region among HIV-1 strains found during 2004- 2005 in Guangzhou . South China J Prev

Enhancement of bacteriolysis of Shuffled phage PhiX174 gene E

Bacterial ghosts that are generated using the regulated PhiX174 lysis gene E offer a new avenue for the study of inactivated vaccines. Here, we constructed a library of mutant gene E using a gene-shuffling technique. After screening and recombination with the prokaryotic non-fusion expression vector pBV220, two lysis plasmids were selected. Among which, a novel mutant E gene...