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Shear Strength Reduction Factor of Prestressed Hollow-Core Slab Units Based on the Reliability Approach

This study investigated the shear design equations for prestressed hollow-core (PHC) slabs and examined the suitability of strength reduction factors based on the structural reliability theory. The reliability indexes were calculated for the shear strength equations of PHC slabs specified in several national design codes and those proposed in previous studies. In addition, the...

Shear Deformation of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Prestressed Concrete Beams

Steel fiber-reinforced prestressed concrete (SFRPSC) members typically have high shear strength and deformation capability, compared to conventional prestressed concrete (PSC) members, due to the resistance provided by steel fibers at the crack surface after the onset of diagonal cracking. In this study, shear tests were conducted on the SFRPSC members with the test variables of...