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Queues in Health

I. J. B. F. Adan 0 Richard J. Boucherie 0 0 I. J. B. F. Adan Department of Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology , P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven , The Netherlands The aim of

Mixed gated/exhaustive service in a polling model with priorities

In this paper we consider a single-server polling system with switch-over times. We introduce a new service discipline, mixed gated/exhaustive service, that can be used for queues with two types of customers: high and low priority customers. At the beginning of a visit of the server to such a queue, a gate is set behind all customers. High priority customers receive priority in...

A polling model with smart customers

In this paper we consider a single-server, cyclic polling system with switch-over times. A distinguishing feature of the model is that the rates of the Poisson arrival processes at the various queues depend on the server location. For this model we study the joint queue length distribution at polling epochs and at the server’s departure epochs. We also study the marginal queue...

The acquisition queue

We propose a new queueing model named the acquisition queue. It differs from conventional queueing models in that the server not only serves customers, but also performs acquisition of new customers. The server has to divide its energy between both activities. The number of newly acquired customers is uncertain, and the effect of the server’s acquisition efforts can only be seen...