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Blood inflammatory and endothelial markers in women with von Willebrand disease

Conceptualization: Katarina Bremme, Margareta Holmstro?m, Miriam Mints. Data curation: Igor Govorov, Roza Chaireti. Formal analysis: Igor Govorov, Roza Chaireti. Investigation: Anders Larsson, Eduard Komlichenko ... Govorov. Supervision: Miriam Mints. Validation: Katarina Bremme, Margareta Holmstro?m, Roza Chaireti. Visualization: Igor Govorov. Writing ? original draft: Igor Govorov. Writing ? review & editing

Thrombin generation during a regular menstrual cycle in women with von Willebrand disease

Fluctuations of the sex steroids during the menstrual cycle might significantly influence hemostasis. This association, derived from a number of the observations on healthy women, is yet to be described in females affected by bleeding disorders. The aim of the current study was to assess the changes in hemostatic variables in women with vWD during two phases of the menstrual...

Postpartum Hemorrhage in Women with Von Willebrand Disease – A Retrospective Observational Study

Introduction von Willebrand disease (VWD) is a hereditary bleeding disorder, caused by a deficiency in the levels and/or function of von Willebrand factor (VWF). Women with VWD appear to be at increased risk of experiencing postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), though the levels of VWF increase during pregnancy. There is limited knowledge of how PPH is associated with the subtype of VWD...