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Cost-effectiveness analysis of pulse oximetry screening for critical congenital heart defects following homebirth and early discharge

Pulse oximetry (PO) screening is used to screen newborns for critical congenital heart defects (CCHD). Analyses performed in hospital settings suggest that PO screening is cost-effective. We assessed the costs and cost-effectiveness of PO screening in the Dutch perinatal care setting, with home births and early postnatal discharge, compared to a situation without PO screening...

Maternal acceptability of pulse oximetry screening at home after home birth or very early discharge

The Netherlands has a unique perinatal healthcare system with a high rate of home births and very early discharge after delivery in hospital. Although we demonstrated that pulse oximetry (PO) screening for critical congenital heart disease is feasible in the Netherlands, it is unknown whether parents find the screening acceptable when performed in home birth setting. We assessed...

The perfusion index of healthy term infants during transition at birth

performed the data collection, drafted the initial manuscript, and approved the final manuscript as submitted. Stuart B. Hooper, Frans J. Walther, and Ilona C. Narayen reviewed and revised the manuscript