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Evaluation of the Ecotoxicological State of Selected Soils from Urban Environments of Russian Arctic with the Aim to Substantiate Reclamation and Restoration Strategies

In recent decades rates of anthropogenic forcing on natural and urban ecosystems in the Arctic are increasingly growing. This tendency requires the development of more detailed environmental monitoring methods. In this context, study of background trace elements contents should be an urgent task. The purpose of authors study was an assessment of trace elements content in soils of...

Geoelectrical Survey of Active Layer Depth in Urban and Mature Environments of Yamal Region

Active layer thickness and the depth of the permafrost are the basic features of the soil cover of the Arctic region. Urban ecosystems are characterized by disjunctive character of soil cover. Identification of separate soil bodies within the urban ecosystems, their spatial limitation and vertical stratification should be performed for adequate ecological assessment of urban...