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The analysis of batch sojourn-times in polling systems

We consider a cyclic polling system with general service times, general switch-over times, and simultaneous batch arrivals. This means that at an arrival epoch, a batch of customers may arrive simultaneously at the different queues of the system. For the exhaustive service discipline, we study the batch sojourn-time, which is defined as the time from an arrival epoch until...

Approximate analysis of single-server tandem queues with finite buffers

In this paper, we study single-server tandem queues with general service times and finite buffers. Jobs are served according to the Blocking-After-Service protocol. To approximately determine the throughput and mean sojourn time, we decompose the tandem queue into single-buffer subsystems, the service times of which include starvation and blocking, and then we iteratively...

A Two-Queue Polling Model with Two Priority Levels in the First Queue

Marko A. A. Boon Ivo J. B. F. Adan Onno J. Boxma In this paper we consider a single-server cyclic polling system consisting of two queues. Between visits to successive queues, the server is ... their applications. Ivo J. B. F. Adan received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Since 2000 he works at this university as associate professor in the

An infinite-server queue influenced by a semi-Markovian environment

We consider an infinite-server queue, where the arrival and service rates are both governed by a semi-Markov process that is independent of all other aspects of the queue. In particular, we derive a system of equations that are satisfied by various “parts” of the generating function of the steady-state queue-length, while assuming that all arrivals bring an amount of work to the...