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Air travel and incidence of pneumothorax in lymphangioleiomyomatosis

that AT by itself could be a risk factor for PT occurrence in LAM. This study also illustrates the valuable role of patient associations in research on rare diseases. Notes Cynthia Gonano and Jérôme ... Pasquier contributed equally to this work. Abbreviations AT:  air travel BHD:  Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome CI:  confidence interval FEV1:  forced expiratory volume in one second FLAM:  France

Primary care physicians’ attitude and reported prescribing behavior for chronic low back pain: An exploratory cross-sectional study

Objective Recent guidelines for chronic or recurrent low back pain recommend non-pharmacologic treatments as first-line options. The objective of this study was thus to explore the perceived usefulness of several conventional and complementary medicine treatments for chronic or recurrent low back pain by primary care physicians and their reported prescribing behavior. Design An...

Correlation study between osteoporosis and hematopoiesis in the context of adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer

This retrospective study attempts to establish if a correlation exists between osteoporosis and hematopoiesis before and after adjuvant chemotherapy in the context of non-metastatic breast cancer. Osteoporosis is interpreted both as a direct marker of osteoblastic decline and as an indirect marker of increased bone marrow adiposity within the hematopoietic microenvironment...

Determinants associated with deprivation in multimorbid patients in primary care—A cross-sectional study in Switzerland

Background Deprivation usually encompasses material, social, and health components. It has been shown to be associated with greater risks of developing chronic health conditions and of worse outcome in multimorbidity. The DipCare questionnaire, an instrument developed and validated in Switzerland for use in primary care, identifies patients subject to potentially higher levels of...