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Estudo agrícola-tecnológico de diversas variedades de Phormium tenax Forster

In spite of the polymorphism of Phormium has long been known, no systematic attempt has been made until now to study comparatively the agricultural value and fiber quality of the varieties. This paper is concerned with preliminary results about leaf yield, fiber-content, und general growth of six varieties, of Phormium tenax Forster including a detailed fiber analysis. It is...

Minimización del makespan en máquinas paralelas idénticas con tiempos de preparación dependientes de la secuencia utilizando un algoritmo genético

A genetic algorithm for the parallel shop with identical machines scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times and makespan (Cmax) minimization is presented. The genetic algorithm is compared with other heuristic methods using a randomly generated test problem set. A local improvement procedure in the evolutionary process of the genetic algorithm is introduced, which...

Organ-specific inhibition of metastatic colon carcinoma by CXCR3 antagonism

Liver and lung metastases are the predominant cause of colorectal cancer (CRC)-related mortality. Recent research has indicated that CXCR3/chemokines interactions that orchestrate haematopoetic cell movement are implicated in the metastatic process of malignant tumours, including that of CRC cells to lymph nodes. To date, however, the contribution of CXCR3 to liver and lung...

Efeito da frequência e severidade de corte das fôlhas sobre a duração de vida do sisal

The present paper deals with the influence of four different leaf-cutting cycles combined with three levels of severity of cutting upon the life cycle of sisal plant (Agave sisalana Perrine). According to the results obtained, it may be concluded that less frequent cutting induces the plant to pole earlier, and greater severity of cutting prolongs its life eyele.