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Rutura do baço na febre tifóide

A case of typhus levissimus or splenotyphus is reported whose death ocurred approximately at the beginning of the 2nd week as a consequence of rupture of the spleen and hematoperitoneum (2 liters). Acute perisplenitis and intracapsular hemorrhages as well as marked distention of the capsule pertinent to the extreme increase in volume of the organ in this stage of the disease are...

Efeito da vacinação estreptocócica sobre a produção de antiestreptofibrinolisina

The vaccination with hemolytic streptococci washed in saline doesn't give to the plasma of vaccinated people resistence against fibrinolysis, when in presence of antistreptofibrinolysin. The A. A. believe that the fibrinolysin in solube is the culture medium and that it is necessary to the formation of the antifibrinolysin. This fact is important in the preparation of the...

A pesquisa bacteriológica post-mortem

The A. A. made bacteriological invesigations in 145 cases of autopsy. These investigations were carried out on the blood and spleen. The cultures were positive in 67 cases and in 21 of these there was body contamination. In the other cases the isolated bacteria were the proved or probable cause of the disease. For the Staphylococcus alone (isolated in 9 cases) we cannot give a...