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Nebulous objects in the Southern Hemisphere

We have inspected plates of the Southern Hemisphere with the purpose of finding previously unreported nebulous objects. We found 93 objects, of which 62 are associated with IRAS point sources. Some of these objects look like Herbig-Haro objects, while others are cometary nebulae, tight groups of red dwarf stars, and objects resembling small regions of star formation.

Using a health-rating system to evaluate the usefulness of Caenorhabditis elegans as a model for anthelmintic study

Conceptualization: Brian L. Ellis. Formal analysis: Kathryn J. Weaver, Cassandra J. May. Investigation: Kathryn J. Weaver. Methodology: Kathryn J. Weaver, Brian L. Ellis. Supervision: Brian L. Ellis. Validation ... : Kathryn J. Weaver. Visualization: Kathryn J. Weaver. Writing ± original draft: Kathryn J. Weaver. Writing ± review & editing: Kathryn J. Weaver, Cassandra J. May, Brian L. Ellis. 17 / 20 18 / 20 treat

The OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft and the Touch-and-Go Sample Acquisition Mechanism (TAGSAM)

The Origins, Spectral-Interpretation, Resource-Identification, Security and Regolith-Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft supports all aspects of the mission science objectives, from extensive remote sensing at the asteroid Bennu, to sample collection and return to Earth. In general, the success of planetary missions requires the collection, return, and analysis of data, which in...

Macrophage activation syndrome triggered by coeliac disease: a unique case report

Background Macrophage activation syndrome is described as a “clinical syndrome of hyperinflammation resulting in an uncontrolled and ineffective immune response” in the context of an autoinflammatory or rheumatic disease. Current associations of macrophage activation syndrome with autoimmune disease most notably include a host of rheumatological conditions and inflammatory bowel...

High genetic structure and low mitochondrial diversity in bottlenose dolphins of the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama: A population at risk?

Caballero. Funding acquisition: Dalia C. BarragaÂn-Barrera. Investigation: Dalia C. BarragaÂn-Barrera, Laura J. May-Collado, Susana Caballero. Methodology: Dalia C. BarragaÂn-Barrera, Laura J. May-Collado ... , Gabriela Tezanos-Pinto, Valentina Islas-Villanueva, Camilo A. Correa-CaÂrdenas, Susana Caballero. Project administration: Dalia C. BarragaÂn-Barrera, Laura J. May-Collado, Susana Caballero. Resources: Dalia

Cost-Effective Mapping of Benthic Habitats in Inland Reservoirs through Split-Beam Sonar, Indicator Kriging, and Historical Geologic Data

Historical Geologic Data Erik R. Venteris 0 Cassandra J. May 0 Judi Hewitt, University of Waikato (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research), New Zealand 0 1 Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Synthesis and Characterization of an Alumina Forming Nanolaminated Boride: MoAlB

Hultman, Steve J. May & Michel W. Barsoum In this Article, the authors ran an XRD experiment on the oxidised samples indicating that the alumina layers formed at temperatures as high as 1300 ?C were mostly

Spatial control of functional properties via octahedral modulations in complex oxide superlattices

films. Nano Lett. 14, 2509–2514 (2014). CASPubMedArticleGoogle Scholar38. Moon, E. J., Keavney, D. J. & May, S. J. Strain effects in narrow-bandwidth manganites: The case of epitaxial Eu0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin ... in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for S. J. May in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Contributions Synchrotron X-ray measurements were performed by E.K., E.J.M. and

Phylogenetic Analysis of Conservation Priorities for Aquatic Mammals and Their Terrestrial Relatives, with a Comparison of Methods

Background Habitat loss and overexploitation are among the primary factors threatening populations of many mammal species. Recently, aquatic mammals have been highlighted as particularly vulnerable. Here we test (1) if aquatic mammals emerge as more phylogenetically urgent conservation priorities than their terrestrial relatives, and (2) if high priority species are receiving...

The Medial Olivocochlear System Attenuates the Developmental Impact of Early Noise Exposure

The early onset of peripheral deafness profoundly alters the functional maturation of the central auditory system. A prolonged exposure to an artificial acoustic environment has a similar disruptive influence. These observations establish the importance of normal patterns of sound-driven activity during the initial stages of auditory development. The present study was designed to...

A Phase I Clinical Trial of Systemically Delivered NEMO Binding Domain Peptide in Dogs with Spontaneous Activated B-Cell like Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Activated B-Cell (ABC) Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) is a common, aggressive and poorly chemoresponsive subtype of DLBCL, characterized by constitutive canonical NF-κB signaling. Inhibition of NF-κB signaling leads to apoptosis of ABC-DLBCL cell lines, suggesting targeted disruption of this pathway may have therapeutic relevance. The selective IKK inhibitor, NEMO Binding...

Patent Reform, Injunctions, and Equitable Principles: A Triangle of Changes for the Future, 6 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 671 (2007)

THE JOHN MARSHALL REVIEW OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW PATENT REFORM INJUNCTIONS EQUITABLE PRINCIPLES: A TRIANGLE OF CHANGES FOR THE FUTURE MATTHEW J. MAY In eBay v. MercExchange, the Supreme Court ... while furthering innovation, and thus, it also serves the fundamental goals of the patent system. MATTHEW J. MAY* INTRODUCTION "[A] valid patent system is vital to the continued health of innovation

Why Stovepipe Regulation No Longer Works: An Essay on the Need for a New Market-Oriented Communications Policy

" regulatory framework contained in the statute is woefully outdated and an impediment to the development of sound communications policy. 2 So, Congress is beginning to consider *Randolph J. May is Senior Fellow ... Governance,2003 MICH. ST. L. REv. 701. 3. Randolph J. May, Callingfor a Regulatory Overhaul, Bit by Bit, CNET NEws, Oct. 19, 2004, 20101028_3

Loudness Perception in the Domestic Cat: Reaction Time Estimates of Equal Loudness Contours and Recruitment Effects

The domestic cat is the primary physiological model of loudness coding and recruitment. At present, there are no published descriptions of loudness perception in this species. This study used a reaction time task to characterize loudness perception in six behaviorally trained cats. The psychophysical approach was based on the assumption that sounds of equal loudness elicit...

Phylogenetic review of tonal sound production in whales in relation to sociality

Background It is widely held that in toothed whales, high frequency tonal sounds called 'whistles' evolved in association with 'sociality' because in delphinids they are used in a social context. Recently, whistles were hypothesized to be an evolutionary innovation of social dolphins (the 'dolphin hypothesis'). However, both 'whistles' and 'sociality' are broad concepts each...

HIV-1 Clade B pol Evolution following Primary Infection

Objective Characterize intra-individual HIV-1 subtype B pol evolution in antiretroviral naive individuals. Design Longitudinal cohort study of individuals enrolled during primary infection. Methods Eligible individuals were antiretroviral naïve participants enrolled in the cohort from December 1997-December 2005 and having at least two blood samples available with the first one...

The Public Interest Standard: Is It Too Indeterminate to Be Constitutional?

This Article argues that the congressional delegation of public interest authority to the FCC likely violates the nondelegation doctrine that inheres in the constitutional separation of powers scheme and that, even if the courts do not hold the public interest delegation unconstitutional, Congress should revise the Communications Act to set forth more specific guidance for the...